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The Protocol

Dr Coimbra has found that a high percentage of Autoimmune Disease patients are in fact unable to synthesise Vitamin D on an adequate level to balance and optimize their immune systems. This is the reason Vitamin D supplementation “treats” Autoimmune Diseases.

The Protocol involves therapeutic doses of natural cholecalciferol (lanolin derived) and co-factors as well as hypercalcemia prevention strategies such as specific diet, calcium fortified food avoidance, avoidance of most nuts and seeds, drinking a minimum of 2.5 litters of fluid per day and preventive bone calcium loss exercise.

The goal of the treatment is to stop the attacks by the immune system and to heal the insults caused to the brain, skin, joints or other target organs. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to reach a tailored-topatient optimal dose of Vitamin D. The adequate dose is personalised and varies according to the deficiency in Vitamin D production as well to the patient-specific genetic mutations involved in its metabolism.

Prior to starting the Protocol, it is necessary to perform a set of labs and scans in order to establish a baseline profile to which sequential labs will be compared to in order to avoid kidney and bone changes. It is imperative to monitor blood and urine levels of calcium and potassium and to do regularly scheduled bone scans to avoid calcium intoxication well as bone reabsorption. For this reason, a short followup every couple of months is necessary as well as a long term follow up for a couple of years until the patient and the disease are well adapted to the Protocol.

Long term users of high doses of Vitamin D need to be followed typically on a yearly schedule.
Dr. Coimbra has recently updated the Protocol upon learning that genetic mutations such as on the genes MTHFR and COMT can increase the “resistance" to Vitamin D treatment and therefore has been addressed with appropriate treatment.

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